Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska (PCSA)


Rocket motors and payloads come to PSCA via sea and air depending on size and customer needs. AAC can provide complete logistics services from the other 49 states or overseas to PSCA through its subcontractors, or the customer can arrange for logistics directly.

Ports of entry include the regional airport, which is collocated with the U.S. Coast Guard Base near the town of Kodiak, and the LASH Dock, a marine terminal located adjacent to the U.S. Coast Guard Base. Transport from the port of entry is by all-weather paved highway to PSCA. A typical motor convoy to PSCA includes a pilot and trail car, State Trooper escort, and crew vehicles. In winter the convoys are augmented with road graders and sanders.


Lodging is available at the Narrow Cape Lodge, which is located within three miles of the complex, through local B&Bs within five miles of the complex, and through hotels in Kodiak.

Features of the Narrow Cape Lodge include

  • 50 bedrooms with showers
  • Laundry service
  • Connectivity
  • Kitchen with staff serving three meals per day

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